Saturday, November 8, 2008

Moving on over

Dear Blog Readers,
I am moving. I am an avid mac fan; but iWeb is just not my favorite apple product. In fact its actually a pain in my ass. So I am moving over here to blogger. Unfortunately I do not have the tenacity to manually copy and paste everything over to the new blog. So if you would like to read all about the past feel free! Click here for Tehmi's Blog
I am leaving it open readers for a little while I transition, but leave your email address so I can add you when I go private! I hope you enjoy!

Love Love


  1. Glad you've moved. I kept forgetting how to get into your site and it was weird to navigate through. Love your baby, she is the cutest.

    Hope things are well!! xoxo

  2. oh yeah

  3. looks like I got in just in time.

  4. add me! I could never figure out your other website. It kept asking for a password and stuff which I wasn't sure if I had! So i'm glad you are going this way!