Friday, March 14, 2014

just a post

a few things worth mentioning...

- itunes radio. I wasn't completely sold on it until we discovered the "Van Morrison" station. I can listen to it for hours and hours and never hear a song worth changing. Never.

-In Kevin and I's latest bed war, he sat straight up at about 3am and poked me in the eyeball. !!!!!! Then he laid back down as if nothing had happened. Seriously! who eye pokes in their sleep? So i kicked him in the shin and rolled over. When the sun rose, my eye was all blood shot and he wondered what had happened.

- I threw away all the sugar in the house, and it's not going so well. I'm an addict.

- Don't think that because the sun has started to shine that my obsessive hobby of knitting has gone by the way side. I've just switched to bigger projects. Like poufs. with rope. you can imagine the rope burns on my fingers...

- My sister announced she's having a baby! boy! in September. Naturally I started going through the boxes underneath my bed for maternity clothes. But they weren't there. Henry is almost 18 months old and my maternity clothes were still hanging in my closet. whyyyyyyyyyy......

-On my trusty "van morrison" radio station, crazy love came on as I was pulling Gus out of his high chair. He didn't wiggle out of my arms, instead he laid his head on my shoulder and patted my back as we danced in the kitchen. for the entire song. I know it's not a long song, but that kid never has much affection for me. But there he was dancing in the kitchen to crazy love covered in goldfish crumbs and maybe a few tears rolled down my cheeks. maybe.

- Today is Pi Day. and naturally it seems like my kind of day. As I sit pouring over a few different recipes and options to commemorate this glorious holiday, I just really love baking pie. and since all my pie pans have been delivered to grateful homes, it's time to purchase my yearly stash of pans. I go through about a dozen every year. Easily.

- Last week I made the most beautiful pie. Salted Caramel Apple. from four and twenty blackbirds, and it was the best way to spend the morning. It was just so much fun baking it. Early in the morning, with a clean kitchen and a good playlist going. I was in my moment and grove and it felt so nice. Especially when it all turned out.

-and worth noting, in my fifteen years of obsessive pie baking, I have never changed my pie crust recipe. never. I've been there when someone's tested a vodka recipe, or listen to people drone on and on about an all butter crust and read all about the reasons why you do it one way or another. There has never been a different crust in my pie pans. Its the same recipe my mom used, her mom used, and my great grandma used. It's trusty and good, and you shouldn't fix something that isn't broken. But I had an itch, and I changed it last week. I did a part butter, part shortening crust. It was good. It had a different flavor, a different feel, and now I can say I've tried something else. But it won't be replacing my crust. not really ever again.

-also, all three of my kids are burying each other in the sand box and i'm so grossed out. I hate sandboxes and would give a lot of things for my kids to hate them too. But cheers to the sunshine and Gus being able to play outside with the others, he's in heaven.

love love

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  1. Stella's missing front tooth and sunglasses! Gosh, I love her. And the vm station is pure gold. Miss you.