Wednesday, March 5, 2014

rambling shenanigans

It feels like once every couple of days I send a text message to my mom and dad with my kids latest rambles. I'm so glad I do, because if I didn't immediately document this, people would think I'm making this up. I wish I could make this up. I'd write novels.

Ruby praying: "Bless Grama Deb she can feel better, and bless gramps Trace he can... ... ... ... deal with grama Deb. And bless Hunter he will go on a mission already..."

Ruby: "Mom, I struggling. Cause my feet are so smelly that I can't even think about things. And I need to think about things to make me strong. But the smell gets in the way."
she is not kidding about that, they smell so terrible. 

Ruby: " I'm not feeling very beautiful today. That's why I'm having a hard time."

Ruby: after an all out brawl with Kevin, she was sent to bed early in a full blown tantrum. After Stella had gone to bed, Ruby snuck up to our room...
"Mom, Dad... I need to opologize. I sorry that I was mean and crying."
as Kevin tucked her into bed and said prayers with her... "ahhhhh, my bed feels so much better after I opologize."

Lately my dad's favorite thing to do is stop by our house about 8pm. Just as the kids are winding down for bed, ya know quiet time. And when Grampa Trace comes over all hell breaks loose and I can't win. So it's not worth trying. This week, Grama Deb took a rest on the floor and Gus stomped on her head. Then Ruby wasn't paying attention and toppled right over her. There were cookies being thrown across the room and boxes of girls scout cookies inhaled. Gus was testing everyone's hand eye coordination by throwing balls out of your peripheral vision. Stella mostly snuggled, holding her own with sweetness. So basically everyday chaos, and then some.
But it did end in Ruby telling Grampa about her new favorite song. As we were anticipating a Katy Perry tune or Taylor Swift, we got a primary song. He sent his Son. I'm counting it as family home evening. (and it was really sweet listening to her sing it.)
As we were waiving goodbye on the front step, Ruby was examining this week's race car when she just got in the back seat with Grampa. Ya know for a spontaneous middle of the week sleep over. Casually.
Stella was a little sad that she didn't get to have a sleep over with Grampa, but was logical in that she had school the next morning. And I let her watch an extra show on TV. At about 10:30 I got a call from my mom. Ruby was coming home, sleepover's weren't her thing tonight.
The next morning I was taking Stella to school (Because my alarm clocks overslept due to there late night sneagians, we missed the bus.) This conversation happened in the backseat...

Stella: Ruby, why didn't you sleep at Grama's?
Ruby: I just missed you Stella...
Stella: But you also missed out on breakfast at Gramas, think about all the kinds of cereal you could have had... head shaking...
Ruby: Oh I didn't think about breakfast...

Seriously. It's hard not to spend your day laughing at these two.

love love

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