Thursday, February 20, 2014

toe pick

We've had a fierce Olympic spirit at this household. Like it's streaming on all our iPad's, on our phones and I'm stocking the alerts on my phone. And of course the little girly girls in this household want to only watch figure skating. Obviously. We watch it a day later because primetime is way past little girls bedtimes.
After a few days of listening to them play "ice skater" down stairs, sliding across the tile floor with socks on, and spinning round and round; I decided it was time for real deal ice skating.
We headed to the olympic arena in Provo along with 4 million other people. You know how I feel about crowds. Not my thing. As Kevin, Hunter and I stared at the rink, the line for skates and the line for tickets we broke the news to two sad faced little girls. We weren't skating tonight. No freakin way.
So this morning we woke up still feeling inspired to ice skate. I called the school and Stella magically had an appointment in Provo, and we spent the morning ice skating.  With a total of 7 other people on the rink we spun around and worked out our toe picks. It was pretty fantastic.
I'm sure your surprised at Stella's choice of figure skater ensemble...
Stella could have skated for the entire day, Ruby liked the idea of skating all day, and Gus wanted nothing but to be on that ice rink. But seriously, he was so mad that he wasn't big enough to do it, and that we weren't willing enough to slide him around bent over the entire time. Kevin and I's backs are still aching.  If your thinking of ice skating, I highly recommend "small and tall" open skate. It's like toddler hour at the rink. For the win!
It was a great morning pretending to be graceful athletes, Stella has asked a hundred times what sports she can do to get into the olympics. I love the idea of her dreaming and being able to support those dreams as her mom. It's pretty awesome. 
love love

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