Monday, February 17, 2014

lovers you

Valentines day is pretty awesome. Not because I am spoiled, (i am.) Or because I've got a lotta love in my life (i do.) Mostly because it's a day of candy and baking. And I pretty much live off of candy and making a large mess in my kitchen.
So on Valentines Day it's a perfect excuse to make donuts. I do love donuts, and these were freakin real good.

We* crafted valentines for school friends and donuts for Uncle Hunter. We* frosted cookies and colored more pictures. It was a pretty great day to be a stay at home mom.  **(we meaning, I crafted the valentines and they wrote their names on the back, and I baked the cookies and let them frost a few. I'm not that patient of a mother...)
(Gus was there, but he still is blowing snot bubbles. And I don't like taking his picture when he is covered in snot.)

Then when I had scrubbed the walls of all the flour, Kevin came home early with flowers and fixed dinner. He never fixes like a real dinner, he's pretty good at pizza and scrambled eggs. But this was like real deal fancy dinner. He should cook dinner more often. dee-lish.
Kevin helped the girls make me the largest card they could think of. The inside was covered in their handprints. Which is pretty fantastic. 

It took us 3 days to come down from the sugar high of Friday, but it was well worth it. Thanks Tall Friend for making it such a great day. He put thought into the day, took effort with the girls and made me feel loved. Well done Brimhall, well done!

love love

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  1. You are such a cute mom. I bet your kids will cherish their in-the-kitchen-with-mom memories.