Tuesday, February 11, 2014

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He's sick. agaiiiiin. Kevin's genes have clearly made for a sick kid. Cause I feel like he is kinda always battling some silly cough, or running nose or wheezy breath. I guess I can't complain to much cause he is always happy, regardless of the snot smeared all over his face. Ok, I can complain a little bit, I have to be quarantined with him while he blows snot all over me. And I hate being quarantined. I go all stir crazy and end up thinking I need to do some new project of mass silly proportions and that's never the case. Or I online shop. And amazon boxes just start piling up on my front door. It's a problem and I'm blaming the quarantine. 
Last night we were telling Ruby to pick up her toys and in classic parent voice, the words "how many times do I have to ask you to pick up your toys!?" slips out. (You know you've said it before, just like your parents did.) Ruby calmly responded "Two times. You have to ask two times." 
Her comedic timing is infuriating, exhausting and hilarious all at the same time. 
Then there is June, who I have a hard time writing about because she is so sweet and good by nature that I can't even poke fun at it. On Friday I went to "mom's and muffins" with her. She read me a "little critter" book from start to finish as we dined on muffins and apple juice in her little kindergarten chairs. She's a pretty great kid.

So there you have it, thats what a week full of quarantine is starting to look like. Ruby's shenanigans, Henry's snot and Stella's angelic nature. Sometimes I still can't believe I'm a mother of these three hood rats.

love love

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