Wednesday, February 5, 2014

a little of this and that...

Welcome back to the Wednesday Ramble folks! Ok, if we're being honest about it, I'm writing this on a Tuesday. Because all the children are sleeping, or at least pretending to be, and I'm all caught up on my shows. And I thought about sewing some stuff, or knitting, or baking, but decided that my domestic side needs to calm down and the geek in me needed to come out. So I'm writing a blog about nothing. Completely productive use of time. Completely.

-- Now that Kevin is out of the house at the crack of dawn, I'm back to getting the kids out of bed and ready for the day and such. The girls are easy peasy. But Gus. Oh Gus. It turns out that the cute little routine of wrestling during the morning diaper changing only works with Dad. This kid is strong, and wiley. Like he wrestled out of the proper diaper changing position, off the dresser and I caught him by his ankle, inches from the floor. All while trying to clean to poop off of everything. Let's just say Gus is having a hard time adjusting to Dad being gone all day long.

--Yesterday, after months of bad hair. Like mooooonnnnths of bad hair. I walked out of the bathroom and thought, "hey, it doesn't look so bad". And then I didn't leave the house for the day, cause well, I had already done my morning errands and you should never wake sleeping children for nothing. So I sent a selfie to Kevin and wandered the house with decent hair.

--I finally finished this giant pouf project that I've been mapping out. And you'd think for all that time I had been waiting for my yarn to arrive I would have done a little more research. I'm already staring at it trying to figure out ways to make it better. Mostly plotting way to successfully unravel it and start over without Kevin chastising my perfectionist side.

--Ruby is very into Frozen. Like running around singing, "let it go! Let it go! Can't hold it back anymore!" And then when she yells "The cold never bothered me anyway." She cops the fiercest attitude that I'm afraid for her teenage years. It's also really hilarious.

--The best part about the girls playing "Frozen" is Stella can't convince Ruby to let her be their favorite, Elsa. It's the one thing that Ruby has put her foot down and said no; she is Elsa and that's that. Usually Stella can convince her to be the puppy, or Dash, or what ever the secondary character is. But not with this, there is no budging Ruby on this one and Stella is struggling a little with her sisters new found dominance. I kinda like it.

--Last week I went cross country skiing. For the first time ever. Luckily my mom took me out, so nobody could really laugh at my attempts. I mean I'm sure she laughed, but she's my mom, she's obligated not make fun of me during the ordeal. Let's just say, it is quite possibly the most unnatural feeling ever. There's no edge! It's all wobbly and the poles are long!
But! But it was really fun after I situated myself in the track and stopped thinking about it all so much. Way better than running, thats for sure.
And now to a few random photos that haven't already graced this blog...

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