Sunday, December 21, 2008

Invesco Field at Mile High Stadium

Our reason for a quick trip to Denver was to attend a Broncos game. It was my first NFL game and I will for sure go back! Kenny, Hailey, Alex, Chase, Trevor and I all bundled up for the game against the Buffalo Bills. The high for the day, 19 degrees. We had amazing seats on the sunny side, with the sun and gallons of hot chocolate we were able to keep warm. But once the sun went down it was slightly unbearable. The Broncos started out playing really well, first drive a touch down and the defense stopped the Bills. But unfortunately they fell apart in the end and lost 27-30. Poor Broncos.
Thanks so much Kenny for taking us, it was so much fun! Thanks Tehmi for taking Stella and spending the afternoon with her! It worked out so great!

Kenny and I in the parking lot, Kenny is screaming " I will protect this House." I nearly peed my pants laughing

The whole gang pregame...

Go Broncos!

Freezing in our seats!!!

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