Friday, December 26, 2008


Wow, I can't believe the holidays are all gone now! Man oh man what a busy time of year! Everyone got completely spoiled and loved every minute of it! Trevor has been walking around with his new ski helmet and new ipod plugged into bopping his head, and well I might be doing the same thing! Stella is still overwhelmed with all the new toys and clothes she got! Due to the breakage in camera not a lot of photos were taken, so sorry to disappoint!

This was Stella as she awoke on Christmas morning, she would have rather stayed asleep I think!
Stella and Santa!
Christmas 2008

This is last year! Can you believe the difference!!!! AHHHH!!
Christmas 2007The girls got matching rocking horses from Mam ma Deb and Bampa Trace! They were really cute together on them, Finley just said Nay Nay Nay all day!
Stella deciding if she liked Elmo Live. She decided she did when she bit his nose off.

Yep, Merry Christmas to me! I got a new kitchen aid mixer! I am SO excited about it!!!!
Hope you guys all had a fantastic holiday!
Love Love

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  1. Hey tehm.. i was just thinking that ashs baby is coming way soon, i wasn't sure if you knew if any one (like out of you guys friends) was throwing her a shower, but if you hear of anyone i want to come, so let me know:) Stella is a doll! Crazy to think how fast they grow, i can't believe it is already time for Ashley's baby!! Talk to ya later! Meg