Wednesday, February 25, 2009

February 25, 2009

3 Years. three years. 3 YEARS.

I can't believe that we have been married 3 years. At the same moment it feels like we've been married 30 years. This year is a big an' exciting year for us, as we venture out into the real world with a college degree. Who knows where we will be this time next year, we could be anywhere. But wherever we go, whatever we will do, we will have each other. I love Trevor more than I thought I could possibly love someone. Our marriage isn't perfect, we are both still learning. Learning more patience, more understanding. Learning how to be less stubborn. But what is life without a few new tricks in it?
I love you Trev...
Love Love


  1. congrats! cute slideshow.

  2. So cute! Congrats on your anniversary! Time sure flies when you are in love!