Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pretty sure she's ours

Sometimes people get offended by me when I don't even say anything. Apparently its written all over my face.
If that's true, its written all of Stella's face too.
1 point for Me.
When Trevor smiles he gets a dimples underneath his eyes.
So does Stella.
1 point for Trevor.
When Trevor doesn't wash his hair and it gets a little length on it, he has curls. Lots and Lots of curls.
Stella has curls, even when it is clean.
1 point for Trevor.
I have blonde hair.
So does Stella.
1 point for Me.
When Trevor smiles or laughs he gets squinty eyes.
Stella might have big eyes when she is looking at you, but when she smiles or laughs they get all squinty.
1 point for Trevor.
I have blue eyes..
Stella has blue eyes.
1 point for Me.
When I am hungry, I have to eat immediately. Right then, no questions asked. If I don't eat anything I will lose all control.
If Stella is grumpy, mad, irrational, crying, hitting, or biting she is hungry.
1 point for Me
I sometimes have this urge to bite something hard. My jaw bone gets very tense and I feel like I have to clench down on something to release the pressure. I Usually bite Trevor's arm.
Stella Bites. Hard.
1 Point for Me.

Stella is a perfect mixture of both the good and the bad of Trevor and I. I'll keep you posted on the continual tally.

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  1. Tehmi! I just found your blog on erikas! You guys are sooo cute...I love Stella--she is adorable! Hope you guys are doing great, I'm going to add you to my friend list!