Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Daddy's taking us to the zoo tomorrow!

Last Saturday Trev had to work all the day long so Stella and I decided to get out and enjoy the lovely weather. We went to the zoo! My mom came down and we wandered around the zoo for a few hours. Stella didn't care. I really wanted her to care, I love the zoo. I can remember my mom going on her one and only field trip with me as a kindergartner to the Zoo. We sang "Daddy's taking us to the zoo tomorrow, the zoo tomorrow. Daddy's taking us to the zoo tomorrow so we can play all day" Believe me, I've been singing that song for a week now, its permanently stuck in my brain.
Since Stella didn't care very much about the zoo, and my mom and I just yapped the whole time. We only took one single picture.
I am not going to give up on Stella and the zoo. I love the zoo. So we went back again today with May May. She still didn't care that much about the zoo, She just cared about playing with May May.
Maybe we can try again with Trev?


  1. I love the zoo! Stella is so cute! I tried your rice pudding recipe and it was so yummy! Ben ate most of it, so I think he liked it too!

  2. nice bear shot tehmi!! surprised lynds and i didnt run into you at the zoo. jellies being delivered to deb tomorrow.

  3. What was that bear doing?