Saturday, April 4, 2009

Submerge in Water

We are in St. George this weekend for a Bike Race and the boys went out for a little warm up. This is what they found:

A Gila Monster that was near 2 feet long.

Hunter did some research on this thing and apparently it is the most poisonous lizard in the world. It appears to be sluggish and dopey but is actually very quick, so don't poke it with a stick. When they bite you they don't have the jaw power to destroy you but when they chew on your arm they release the poison into you. Unfortunately, when they bite they do not let go; only when you submerge in water. Good to know the next time I take a bicycle ride in St. George.


  1. creepy! that thing is giant! looks like something cooper and hunter would be fascinated with!