Wednesday, June 10, 2009

month nineteen

Dear Stella,
Well what do you know its been another month. I can't believe it yet again. You have gone from jibbering to speaking in sentences. Its not jibberish anymore, I just can't understand it, so you have to point to things and walk over and show me. You can count to 3, you can tell me when things are the color green. You always want to watch Elmo on TV. Your growing up so fast!
This month was harder on me than maybe any other month. I left you everyday and went to work, you didn't seem to mind. Which might have been the hardest part. Instead of missing me you absoultely fell in love with you father, which is understandable I did the same thing. But it has been kind of sad to not be your favorite, not be the one you run too when you bump your head. And instead of calling out for "Mom" you yell "TEHMI". Yes you call me by my first name. We will work on that as now I get to work from home with you. Hopefully you will make it easy. We are setting up your desk this weekend so you can work just as hard as me!
When we ask you how old you are, you reply with a straight face "TWO". Then you throw your head back in laughter because you are just so damn funny. When people are watching you, you put on the cutest show, talking up a storm. The bubble of personality is just busting at the seams.You are chaos, but the best kind. You exhaust your father and I. But we love you more than we ever thought capable. I'm sure you will continue to keep us on our toes.

Love Love

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