Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fair Days

We live in the city. Alot of people make fun of us because we live in the city, cough cough Trace and Brian. We love Sugarhouse, but realize that Stella needs a little dirt and hay every now and then. Well the first week of August always includes the hometown fair and I love it! We took Stella to see the pigs, sheep and cows. She LOVED it. It was so fun to see her wedge her head into the pig pens to make sure he was sleeping. The cows were a little big for Stella to feel safe peering through the rails of the pens, and I was grateful.

She kept wanting to pet the pigs, but when they were sleeping she would say "SHHHH"

The sheep loved Stella more than she loved them.

After we took her to the 4-H part of the fair, we went to the rodeo. I love the rodeo, there isn't a year that goes by where I haven't been. This year with Stella's ability to run around, she needed her first pair of cowboy boots. She hasn't taken them off since.

All in all it was a great weekend with everyone, it was so much fun to see Stella loving the animals and her pretty boots!

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  1. That last picture is GREAT! Glad you had a fun holiday.