Monday, August 31, 2009

month twenty one

Dear Stella,
I haven't forgotten about this letter this month, in fact I write this is in my mind every other day. Stella, you are the happiest thing that has ever happened in my life. We have had the best month so far, you are talking up the town. I love it. We have full conversations all the day long. You make my stressful days all vanish. We make popcorn every other day and you love cooking it. You want to make sure it has butter on it and with salt. You get so excited when I bring out the air popper, but I have to limit it. It's slightly messy and by slightly I mean I have to vaccuum twelve times a day.

Stella you are speaking in full sentences and I love it, when you walk out the door you say "Bye Mom, See ya later". See ya later? You are walking out the door saying see you later?! Love it! So full of attitude and personality. The family that sits behind us in the in church is nothing but purely entertained by you, they request that you always sit in front us. You are busting at the seams with personality. Your facial expressions are hilarious, you don't have to say anything we just look at you and know everything you are thinking.

Your new favorite thing to do when I let go of your hand, is to run. You Run. Far away. I have been sprinting down the road after you. It is exhausting. Purely exhausting, please slow down.

I love you June Bug. You really are the best thing that has happened to your dad and I. Thank you for being the best thing for us.

Love Love


  1. She is darling, just darling. Sounds like you've got your hands full. . . when do you find out what you're having??

  2. she is adorable. You can just tell from pictures of her that she is full of personality! You are such a cute mom Tehm!

  3. She is so cute! And by the way, when Aliya gets to be that age, she will have a sibling... scary!

  4. Tehmi! So I was looking at Tyler and Mindy's blog and saw a link to yours! Yay! So I wrote on your facebook the other day, but you never wrote back- messed up!jk :-) Anyways... I was just reading your blog- and we are due 3 days apart! crazy!!! Anyways... send me an email so I can invite you to my blog- it's

  5. Oh man! Our boys love the air popper, too. We usually haul out an old sheet and pop it right onto the sheet on the floor. Fun -- but way messy! I love how excited they get as they watch it pop! Fun times!