Monday, September 28, 2009

4 days away

Trevor and I decided we needed a vacation. We scored some great tickets to Seattle. I have never been to Seattle and I can't wait to go back! We flew in on Wednesday night and wandered the city, went to dinner enjoyed each others company. We left Stella in SLC with her favorite Aunt Wendy.
We stayed just a few blocks west of Pikes Place, I had arrived in heaven. Pikes Place Market. My version of heaven. Truly. Cooking with amazing fresh ingredients and all sorts of terrific veggies and such. We spent all morning searching for a great bagel, only to find that Seattle isn't a bagel place, its a donut place. Which isn't all bad either. We snacked on donuts and croissants while watching ferry boats. Then we wandered some more of heaven, drooled over the fish, the flowers, the apples, the carrots, the breads, and croissants. It was sensory overload for sure, I was like a kid in a candy store.

The fruit stands had great signs begging you not to squeeze the fruit, I had to photograph...
We ate fresh fish at a restaurant that had been there for a 100 years. It was good, real good. The best fish n' chips I've ever eaten. The view was amazing too, overlooking the ship yard.

After we exploring the market and wandering some great shopping, we hopped on a ferry boat to Bremerton. Trevor served his mission there, well at least 6 months there. The ferry boat ride away from Seattle was incredible. I was completely fascinated with the ferry boat, and that everyone turned their car off while waiting to load. I guess they are a green city for a reason.

I was able to spot the sea otters, Trevor had never seen one before! I really like sea otters, even though they are weird and gross.Bremerton was... good? It was good to put places with all the mission stories, other than that the city was kinda of a bummer. It used to be a Navy port, so it had that kind of feel. We cruised through the islands, seeing the sights and ate the great food and fish. After spending some time in Gig Harbor we hopped back on the ferry to the Seattle and made our way north. We headed to the town of Bellingham. It's right on the border of Canada and is so cool. We feel in love the moment we arrived. It's a college town, but also has an international sailing port. I can't tell you how cool it was. We went wandering and wandering the town falling more and more in love with this place. Maybe one day we can live there.
After exploring Bellingham, we went to visit Trevor's grandparents on Whidbey Island. We took the scenic route and it was terrific. I'm so grateful for our iPhones and the google map feature. I navigated the whole trip and we actually never got lost. A miracle. We also stopped a lot to pick blackberries, they are everywhere. Like a weed everywhere, but the most tasty weed I've ever stumbled upon.
After a good time with Gammy and Pompo, I just had to head back the market one more time.
Which of course led to another Vanilla Steamer from Starbucks. Mmmm tasty. The first one I ordered, I asked for a medium sized cup. Medium? Lets try a Grande. Coffee would be measured by Tall, Grande and Venti. I'm an amateur.
Everywhere we went there wasn't Diet Coke. Or even Coke products. I had to go to 3 gas stations to get a Diet Coke over ice. I couldn't even find a Coke vending machine. So I drank Vanilla Steamers instead. I drank a lot of Grande Vanilla Steamers.
The best part about a really great, relaxing vacation? Coming home to this...
Thanks Trev for such an amazing vacation! It was much need and beyond perfect.
Love Love


  1. That just seems like my kind of vacation! Wished we could have joined you.

  2. What a sweet husband you have!! It looks like a perfect vacation!

  3. Love Seattle...looks like you guys had a great time!