Sunday, September 13, 2009

You seem to be getting pregnanter these days.

19 weeks and 4 days. We are almost halfway. These last couple of weeks have been going by so quickly, which I love. Work has been super busy and Stella has been consuming most of my spare thoughts and energy. This little one has been kicking around like crazy, crazy I tell you. Stella was like that, so much so that the ultrasound tech at 20 weeks couldn't get a good picture because she was way to wiggly. I sure hope this one stays still long enough to let help us narrow down the name list to either boy or girl. Some days I think for sure its a boy, then for a brief moment I think its a girl. I hate not knowing. Its driving me crazy. Crazy. We were able to find out with Stella at 16 weeks, so having to wait these extra 4 weeks has made us crazy!
I'm starting to have tantrums in my closet in the morning because clothes aren't fitting. Its a good thing I work from home, and that sweats will fit for a long time more. I'm just getting excited for my belly to be bigger than my boobs. That will be a really great day.
We have been working with Stella on the concept that there is a baby in my tummy. I ask her where Mommies baby is, and she immediately runs to my belly and pulls up my clothes and pokes my belly button. I cringe when someone asks her in public, I know what she is about to do. Hopefully in 3 days when we come back from the doctor with pictures she will have a better understanding, and she will know if she will have a baby sister or baby brother.


  1. I hear you about the belly bigger than the boobs stage. Oh and I vote boy.

  2. totally agree with Katie! It's nice to change the focus every now and then. :) Congrats on your sweet little girl!