Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A moment

The afternoon the light was coming through the window and it was creating a warm and comforting environment in my little dark office. I got lost in a moment listening to Stella tell her doggy all about how we went and saw the baby elephant at the zoo. I was startled out of that moment by my newest little girl wiggling around inside.
An hour later I was getting ready for the day, at 4pm mind you, listening to Stella jabber about who knows what through the heat vent. Listening to Emmylou Harris sing a melody and feeling the great flutters of the baby. I had 2 great moments. Moments wear I am perfectly content to be curled up with my children. Perfectly content to ignore my computer, and the close the laundry room door. Excited to decorate cookies with Stella and have a meal on the table for Mr. Marsh. Excited to see if I will have another blue eyed blonde baby.

Then while sitting in the sink putting my mascara on, I stabbed myself in the eye with the wand.

The moment was over.

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