Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Baby Bedding.

The dredded baby bedding. When pregnant with Stella, there was a catastrophic dilemma about the baby bedding. I stressed and fretted and freaked out about the bedding. So much so that I was losing sleep at night. Trevor was losing patience and even my mother was exhausted by my constant freak out about the bedding. But all were supportive as it took me months to realize that it really didn't matter that much. But it took months, MONTHS, to realize that I was being slightly crazy about the ordeal. I had ordered the perfect bedding set and when it came time to ship, only the bed skirt and blanket were available; no sheets and no bumper. It was tragic. Tragic I tell you! It didn't take me long after Stella was born to realize that the baby bedding was my "I'm a first time Mom, so I'm going to stress about it" thing. Sometimes I blame my mother, who always had rooms in the house that were perfectly put together. Sometimes I blame my sister in law, who had a baby 8 months before I did and had the most terrific nursery ever. Then I finally realized I was experiencing a symptom of being pregnant and crazy.
Well when Trevor and I decided that we were ready to do this whole pregnancy thing all over again, I assured him that there would be no baby bedding situation. I had lived and learned and I could now determine when I was being crazy and irrational. We had several very in depth conversations about how to handle my craziness, how he could be more sympathetic and compassionate and I could be less sensitive. Once we agreed upon that we agreed we could be pregnant again.
Well last week there might have been a slight moment that was very much so like the baby bedding. I haven't really thought about this second child, where to put her to sleep, where to put her clothes. Because she is little, and it just doesn't matter that much. Well that was the case until last week and the doctor told me I was having a baby 10 days before I had planned. It hit me like a ton of painful bricks that I was no where near ready for this child to arrive. So the freak out arrived. Luckily I had already done the bedding, I just needed Deb to sew it all together. Because well I can't sew. It scares me. In fact fabric stores send me into an anxiety attack so large I usually walk out on the phone with my mom going "I can't do it Mom, I can't do it.". She says she tried to teach me, but both Micall and I can't do it. But man I can make you a pumpkin pie so divine, she taught me that. So once again the freak out included Stellas bedding; WHERE AM I GOING TO PUT STELLA?! Number 2 is small and we already have a crib. But WHERE ARE WE GOING TO PUT STELLA?! So I scoured the internet, searched high and low, ran some options past Trevor, budgeted, ran ideas past Deb and Heather. I felt like it was going to work. Then Trevor realized that I was buying furniture, and he decided to care, like alot. Man I wish he didn't care so much, it would be way easier. But alas, he does, and well he lives here to. So he has decided to be helpful. See all those in depth conversations really did pay off! The freak out has subsided, but well, I still don't know where to put Stella in this little house of ours. At the moment, everyone will be switching bedrooms to better fit the new bundle of joy. I realize that we still have 10 weeks before our house is inundated with burp clothes and baby clothes. 10 weeks is a long time, but we have this really great family of three going on and I just want to soak up every last moment of Stella as an only child. I'm afraid that she is going to lose her mind when she has a baby sister. When she has to share a room and a rocking chair. When I was blessed with a baby sister there were raisins shoved up her nose. Several times.
I want everything done and moved around so that Stella can adjust. I want my laundry room cleaned out and the toy room organized. Maybe this would be an early version of nesting. Or maybe, its me having a crazy pregnancy moment. But I think I have it under control now. With Trevors help, I think I have it under control.
I like feeling this way, craziness is just not that much fun.


  1. I was a freak about Kaylan's bedding, TOO! That's so funny! Totally didn't care about Kenna's bedding at all.

    Soo, where are you putting the baby and where are you putting Stella?! You have the cutest house with the cutest style... I know you'll totally pull it off!

  2. It's OK, I had the same freak out but it was because I only had 4 weeks to sort of plan on getting a baby but hoping my bare essential nursery wouldn't sit empty if the adoption fell though. So when it actually happened I freaked out about the car seat .It was the "commitment" item (like Stella's bedding).

    It will all work out and your so lucky to have all this time to plan. Nesting is the greatest. Grantid I didn't have to do it with a pregnant belly, but OH how I loved scrubbing every square inch of the house with a toothbrush and bleach! Call me if you need a co-nester cleaning lady!

  3. I'm with you sister. I have 10 wks left. but I'm the first time mom who has continually freaked out about everything! Being crazy is tough!!!

  4. oh man, I freak out all the time. Ihope that you get it all figured out! The first thing I did was get furniture (hand me down of course) and I refinished it for Aliya's room. Tell you what, having a kid is stressful! Good thing husbands are so caring!