Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Meet Clementine:

Deb has always been artistic, but when I was a senior in High School she decided to start oil painting again. Since then we have enjoyed art together. Staring at impressionistic paintings together in books and wandering musuems. She has such amazing talents as an artist. I have snitched enough paintings to fill my entire home.
Deb has been asked to show her paintings in an online gallery with a few other artists in the Heber Valley. Her artwork went live this morning, and when I saw her paintings there I might have shed a few tears of pride for her. It has been so awesome for her to take time and do something that she loves and has amazing talent for. She always said there was a time and season for things, it is inspirational to see that there really is. That there was a time she needed to be at home with 4 kids, but now there is time for herself and her artwork. I'm so proud of her!
So go check it out RIGHT NOW!

Bookmark the website as well, since she will be posting lots more paintings in the future weeks! http://wasatchbackartist.wordpress.com/

Clementine isn't for sale at the moment, but she is one of my favorites...


  1. Hi Tehmi :)

    I'm Deb's painting partner in crime, Katrina...I first heard about you when she and I were clumping through cow pies to paint a barn in the North Fields. Anyhooo, I was going to update some stuff on the gallery site when I noticed there was a huge migration from a "Clementine" post. Here I am. :) Your incredibly talented Deb will have a new painting up each week on the site! Thanks so much for supporting your mom...there's nothing better than having fans in your fam. Now that I know you do art as well we'll have to get together one of these days. Have a good one and thx for the publicity! katrina

  2. That is soo awesome!! I want some of her paintings for my own place!

  3. deb is amazing. i love her painting of the fox...so cool.

  4. snitch something for me while you're snitching sometime!! seriously!