Sunday, December 27, 2009

Not so Holly Jolly

Merry Christmas!
Christmas was slightly different that we anticipated this year. The plan was to spend the weekend with the my family for a weekend of all fun filled activities, including opening Christmas presents with everyone. Christmas Eve we went tubing with everyone, even though it was bitter cold it was a blast! Stella had a grand time tubing with everyone!
Unlike last year, where she screamed the entire time and we had to go back to the lodge.
After dinner and some new pajamas we were getting ready to go home and prepare for Santa to visit our home, Stella got sick. It was a quick bout of diarrhea and she was back to running around with May May. We took her home and she was so excited to leave the cookies out for Santa, she jabbered all the way home. We got in our new Christmas Jammie's and read "The Night Before Christmas" and talked to her about Baby Jesus's and the real reason for Christmas.
2am rolled around and June bug woke up puking. Being awoken from a dead sleep to the sick cry of your little girl is the worst present Santa could every bring you. From 2am on Stella, threw up every twenty minutes. It was a long night for everyone, from 2am to 9am I had done 5 loads of laundry. Everyone decided that it would be best for us to stay home and not infect the entire family with the stomach flu.
I had not been anticipating spending the weekend at home, and there wasn't much food in the house, in fact there wasn't any at all. I had used all the eggs, butter, milk and flour baking the day before. So we bundled up the sleeping, feverish child and tried to find a gallon of milk and a dozen eggs on Christmas morning. Not a store open. We finally ended up at the 7-11 for a frozen pizza, nachos and a diet coke. It was a Christmas breakfast to remember for sure.

We spent most of the day sleeping off the night before. Stella continued to puke on and off all day, and definitely didn't care at all for what Santa brought her. By the late afternoon we decided she would deliver our Christmas presents to the family. It was great to see everyone and Stella slowly became coherent to Uncle Hunter. He sat with her on the couch and opened her presents with her. She was very excited to play with cookie monster.
It's two days later and Stella is still sick. She has stopped puking but has a fever in the triple digits. She just lays on your shoulder, on your arm, on your chest, or on your belly and stares off into space. It will break your heart. We have been watching a lot of Elmo and clenching a sippy cup.
Her presents are still wrapped under the tree, and it is a very sad sight to see.
Trevor has been able to get in a lot of extra hours at the ski shop and has been taking full advantage, so I've been snuggling on the couch with a new cookbook and Stella. Our Christmas vacation hasn't been anything like we would have thought, but we have been together and that has been so nice. Hopefully Stella will feel better tomorrow, and finally she can open up her Christmas presents.

Love Love


  1. Oh those flushed cheeks are so cute--

  2. Holy Moly! That same exact thing happened to Hailey and Addie last year. Hailey started throwing up in the night. We went to Cort's thinking it was something she ate. When Addie started puking too we all knew we were doomed. I totally feel for you. I hope she's better. Hailey's poop and puke lasted 2 weeks!