Friday, December 4, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree 2009

We made our way to the tree farm that appears over night at Nibley park here in Salt Lake and searched high and low for the greatest Christmas Tree ever. Well, we at least we intended on getting the greatest tree ever. Then in the first thirty seconds Stella took off running to see the "tismas tees" and took a face digger. It sort of sucked the whole "joy to the world" feeling right out of the ordeal. We had waited for when Trevor had gotten off of work, which was seven-ish and we didn't really think it would be below freezing degrees. The hunt for the perfect tree was short lived but very successful! We made our way home with a tree whose trunk was so little that Stella was holding it up. Although we came home on the short and sparse side, I really love the tree this year. It took two days to decorate, between Stella rearranging the ornaments and trying to find my inner Mrs. Claus. It was well worth the two days of tripping over ornament boxes and finding them in Stella's toy basket. * I am aware that the Star is slightly crooked on top, but the tree is so small that it barely supports the star. I'm just glad we have stopped it from tipping the whole thing over.
For the first time in our 5 Christmases together we have stockings! Why wouldn't we have had stockings before you ask? Because I am afraid of fabric stores. Truly and honestly afraid of them. My mom has always said she would help me sew the very simple stockings together if I could find the fabric. Well I didn't ever find the fabric because of the anxiety attacks that set in when I step inside and in fact I didn't even search for it this year. I was just going to search the Pottery Barn catalog and call it good. After a quick revelation, I realized that Deb has the perfect fabric for me already, we had already searched high and low for it when Micall got married. Since Deb hasn't used any of the table cloths or table runners since the blessed wedding day, they went to a better cause, our first Christmas stockings. The best and weirdest part about them is there are four of them. Not three and a half or even three and three quarters. We are a family of four. Weird. If I get feeling ambitious I might make my way to the fabric store for some trim around the top, but I love them so much just the way they are that I might not ever have to go to a fabric store again. Deb did a fantastic job waking up at the crack of dawn to finish them before heading out of town. She really does love me, or feel indebted for the crazy amount of cake balls I have made for her. Either way it worked out nicely don't you think?
We are very festive at this house, we wake up to Christmas music and go to bed to it. I've taken the season as a personal invitation to bake everything I can think of. Which also means my house will be covered in flour as well as Christmas ornaments. I wouldn't have it any other way, Trevor might though.
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  1. I LOVE Christmas tree, I think you knew that. The stockings are very very cute too!