Monday, January 11, 2010

Month Twenty Six

Dear Stella,
This will be the last letter I write to you as my only perfect daughter. You are about to become a big sister, and you have no idea what is about happen. You understand that there is a baby sister in my belly. You felt her move for the first time last week, you put your hand on my belly and she kicked you so hard it couldn't have been more perfect. Your eyes lit up as big as the moon and you begged me to do it again. I had to explain to you that I couldn't make it happen again, that it was your baby sister saying hi. Since then you have had a lot more interesting in my ever growing belly. You have become so smart these last few months, and this month you learned how to use my phone. It is kind of fun to tell you to go call your dad and ask him when he is coming home. You go get my phone, unlock it, press the phone icon and know that he the first number on the list. Then you call him and just talk. You tell him about your day and ask him when he is coming home. Trevor doesn't have to carry the conversation or ask twice what is going on, you just tell him what you want. You always end the conversation with "I love you and call me back ok?" Then you hang up and try calling everybody else on my list of favorites before I can get the phone out of your hands.

You have become so helpful lately, at least when you want to be. You will pick up your toys or bring me things. If you spill some of your water you always go and get a towel and clean it up then put it back, my dishrag drawer has become lots of semi dirty rags instead of clean ones, but there aren't any puddles of water on the table. It is really cute to watch you become so loving towards the new baby doll that Santa brought you. You will be sure to feed it, bounce it, and you hold her so carefully. You make sure she goes EVERYWHERE with us. She never leaves your side. My favorite is when you say the baby is crying, you cradle her in your arms and you bounce while whispering in her ears as to soothe her. I don't know where you learned it, but its so sweet. Makes me hopeful and anxious for the arrival of your little sister.
You like to get dressed in the morning, and pick out your own clothes and do it yourself. It leads to lots of interesting outfits. Most of the time when we meet your dad for lunch and he looks at you and then me like why do we have a homeless child? It's because I don't care if you dress yourself, it is one less battle I have to fight. Plus I think it is kind of cute when you wear your lady bug slippers where ever we go.
With the holidays, your dad's work schedule, and a horrific flu bug it has been an interesting month. You have gotten away with nearly everything one can think of and we have spent the last week getting you back under control. Some how in all of it I have become the discplinarian and your father has become the softy you run to in order to get what you want. But we have tried to get back on routine including: breakfast time, lunch time, nap time, dinner time, bath time, and bed time. It is strange how much better you do with a little structure. Although, at nap you have discovered how to tear apart your room from top to bottom before actually falling asleep. But at least I know at 1pm you are going to take your baby doll and snuggle in bed with a sippy cup of milk. It has been the best piece of mind. At bed time we take a bath and you pick out your jammies and the story that Daddy is going to read to you. It is usually the "Caterpillar" book, and you end up reading the entire story to Trev and the baby doll. I have been enjoying our time together these last few weeks, I think we both know its going to change with a little sister. You are such a little kid, you carry conversations and help me. You decide what we are going to eat for dinner and lunch, then help me make it. I can't wait to watch you be the big sister. You will do great.
I love you so much
Love Love

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  1. you are such a good mom tehm...i wish i wrote my kid letters...but i don't. thanks for letting me read yours. love love