Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Tutu

Stella's new favorite thing is to not be strapped into a shopping cart or stroller. I blame Trevor. He made a deal with her one time while at the grocery store that if she stayed right by his side she wouldn't have to get in the cart. You can imagine how well she does staying right by your side. When it is the three of us out and about its fine, because I have back up when she takes off. When it is just me, I don't really care that she wants to walk by my side. I strap her in the shopping cart and wait out the kicking and screaming. It only lasts a few minutes anyway. This last weekend I needed to pick up a few things at the outlets and was braving it without Trevor. So on the way up I decided to go someplace I am hoping all mothers go, I bribed Stella; and it was amazing. I told her if she stayed in her stroller, buckled in, for the entire time she could get a necklace that was all hers. 2 hours later, she was still buckled in and patiently waiting for a new necklace. I had never been so thrilled to buy her that $1.99 plastic purple necklace. She has been wearing it nonstop for four days, along with the purple tutu that I might have purchased as well. Since her recent development of dressing herself, the outfits have become so terrific that I had to throw in the option of a purple fairy tutu. It is beyond terrific


  1. She's such a doll! I love that you bribed her. Cami is definitely too young to understand the concept of a bribe, but when she can, you better believe I'm using it.

    And speaking of strapping kids in carts...I try to strap mine, and tighten the darn thing as tight as I can without killing her, but she still manages to slip out of it and stand up in the seat. Resulting in all kinds of dirty looks for me as people somehow in their mind imagine that I would "let" her stand in the seat like that. Ugh. I'll just say that I spend a lot less money these days as my old time-passer of walking the isles of any given store has been obliterated with the desire to maintain my sanity and just stay home...

  2. Oh! I love it! Purple tutu! Could be WAY worse -- at least tutus are cute and frilly and little girly. :)