Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Ruby had been having a pretty rough night, we were up around 3am for several hours. And by "We" I mean Ruby and I, not Trevor and I. After finally convincing her to go back to sleep the sun was rising. My eyes had only been closed for what felt like a few moments when I was awoke by the meanest leprechaun I have ever known. Trevor. He pinched my behind so hard he left a bruise. Why? Because I wasn't wearing green. RUDE. It started out the St. Patricks Day holiday with a bang that's for sure. We are not Irish, and we don't drink so what do we on St. Patricks Day? We eat green pancakes of course!

For lunch, not breakfast. And yes, Stella is still wearing her pajamas. The ones that don't fit, but we call them her "summer jammies" because I cut the feet off.

Then when I finally did get around to getting the girls dressed in green it was only appropriate that we photograph such an occasion. But apparently Stella and Ruby don't really get the idea of a photo shoot. Also, Ruby, when are you going to stop going cross eyed whenever I get out the camera?

I'm not really sure why I'm about to post this next photo, it is pretty ridiculous of both of us. I hope it makes you smile.
Happy St. Patricks day to you all!


  1. That last picture is sooo cute! She is a keeper!

  2. Hahaha!! Oh my gosh I LOVE the pictures!!! Your girls seriously are ADORABLE!!