Saturday, March 13, 2010

Month Twenty Eight

Dear Stella,
What a whirlwind life has been this last month. Mostly caused by you, but I guess that's to be expected; you are our two year old. A new attitude has developed this month, and I'm not sure I like it. Wait, I'm certain that I don't like it. It takes you forever to get dressed. If we are in a hurry to get out the door and I'm trying to get myself pulled together and getting Ruby changed and ready; It's almost certain that if you had clothes on before I started that whole process that you don't have them on when I'm ready to walk out the door. Its awesome. If I'm just needing you to put shoes on so we can leave, I will help you put them on and then go buckle Ruby in and grab my bag, by the time I'm done with that you will take off your shoes and stand there looking at me. It is so much fun. Last night we went to McDonalds and you were so excited for a hamburger and Sprite. But when the hamburger came and we handed it to you, you looked at it then threw it on the ground and sulked. Super. I'm praying that there is a break in this attitude between now and your teenage years; otherwise, we might not survive.
Along with your amazing attitude, your energy levels have skyrocketed to new levels. I think because we have been stuck inside with the weather and a newborn. A few weeks ago, I realized when you escaped out the back door and ran down the street screaming, "Look MOM the SUNSHINE!" that you hadn't been out of the house in 3 days. That night we took you to the gym to help expel all that pent up aggression and energy. You ran laps around the basketball court for nearly two hours. It work wonderfully.

We have been baking lots of cookies this month, you are a very good helper. By helper I mean you eat the dough in all stages. It seems when I need a break in your attitude, if I ask for your assistance in making cookies you are a dream child. So we bake, a lot.
This month I had to keep track of your social calendar. It was much more full than my own. You were invited to your first tea party and your little friend from day cares birthday party. It is so strange to take you places then drop you off for a party. It wasn't as if I was invited to these parties, and you didn't need my assistance sociallizing. You've got the social outing figured out. Most kids sort of freak out when their parents leave them at strange places with people they don't know. But you, you don't even look back.
Even though you are a snot what seems like every third moment, you have those good moments, those great moments; the ones where you walk into my room and say "Hi Tehm, how was your sleep." Then you bat those giant baby blues at me and my heart melts all over again. When we are baking cookies and you tell me about your day, the things you did and the people you saw, even though I was with you all day and I know what you did and who you saw, I love when you tell me all about it. When I pick you up from daycare and you spill every detail about your day to me, then when you've exhausted all details of your day you ask me about mine. I love it so much. I hope and pray as you get older that you still want to share every detail of your life with me, it will make this whole mother daughter relationship way more fun.
I love you June Bug.

Love Love


  1. Seriously... Themi... Could Stella be any more gorgeous!!??? I am obsessed with her big eyes and curly locks...

  2. I somehow found your blog, and I know you already know this but those pictures of Stella are adorable!