Monday, April 5, 2010

Like a Fish

While spending Easter weekend down south in the land of sunshine, we taught Stella to swim like a fish! After spending all weekend here trying to make the pool warm enough to swim in when the sunshine is only partially shining we were finally successful. The girls had the most fun swimming with Uncle Hunter the dolphin.
Last summer I had bought Stella a floaty swimming suit, unfortunately it didn't fit her then. But it fits now and is the best thing ever. She figured out how to stay upright all by herself. Then once she mastered bobbing above water without anybody holding onto her, she mastered motoring around the pool. I was beaming with pride as she was screaming "Look Uncle Bri, I am doing it! I am doing it!". She motored from one end of the pool to the other several times before she was just too tired to do it anymore. It felt so good to have her in my arms clinging around playing with me. Not only did she like me again, she loved me again. It feels really good to be loved.

Love Love


  1. It looks like you had a great time! Allan and I are dying to see your girls!