Saturday, May 15, 2010

Business Class

I had to go to San Diego this past week for a software training as part of my newly enhanced job. A whole week in San Diego all by myself.

I was lonely.
It was my first time without Ruby and my heart literally ached for her on the first day. I wasn't in much of a state of mind to be social, or really be alone. It was a strange feeling. Very strange. So I worked, and worked some more. Reviewed more notes then when my eyes got tired I got take out and read a book in my hotel room until it was 9pm MST, or 8pm PST and fell asleep. I felt sorry for my Dad. All those years of quiet hotel rooms and delayed flights, poor guy.
After the first day of intensely overwhelming training and a fish taco I was much better. Stella and Uncle TJ were inseparable and Deb was busy holding Ruby nonstop. I came home the wee hours of the morning yesterday and found a picture from Stella and Ruby awake and ready to snuggle me. Nothing like home sweet home. Although uninterrupted sleep for 5 nights was worth...priceless.

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  1. I bet it was nice to feel the warmth though... By the way your children could not be more beautiful!! I want to kiss Ruby's cheeks!