Friday, May 21, 2010

Rolly Polly

We are in trouble now, this little one is flipping all over the place. OK actually she is just rolling from her belly to her back, so I think I have a few more weeks of sanity. She is starting to enjoy her stomach much more, maybe because her head is strong enough to still look around.
Please disregard the screeching in the video, everyone was just so excited.

Ruby loves to smile at Stella. I can't wait for the next years of their lives. when they will actually play together. I think it will come before I know it. Ruby is now starting to grab toys and shove them in her mouth, I love it! Its like she is snapping out of the newborn stage and a personality is bubbling over. These little girls are such a bundle of energy, I love it!

Love Love


  1. You have the 2 most beautiful children in the entire world! Seriously Beautiful!

  2. Your girls are sooo cute--a little tehmi and a little trevor!

  3. Their faces are the cutest... I love when you post videos. Seeing them makes me so excited to have a girl!