Monday, June 14, 2010

Month Thirty One

June Bug,
Another month has come and gone and you are still completely exhausting. Not just kind of exhausting some days, like worn out, patience gone, fall into bed kind of exhausted, day after day. Would I expect you to be any different? Nope, not even in the slightest. You are my two and a half year old, this is exactly what I expected and deserved. You ask everyone what they are doing or how their day was. You see a stranger walking down the street and you smile and wave and tell them Hi. You love to drive with the windows down so you can see the people outside, so you can talk to them and wave. You might be the most social child one has ever seen.
Our next door neighbors had a death in the family this past week and hours after we found out we found ourselves pulling in the driveway as their family congregated outside. You were so upset when you went to say hi and they didn't fall in love with you. You ran inside and sat on the stairs crying, all because the woman who had just lost her son wouldn't talk to you. I apologized for your outburst and let you stay inside until you could stop crying. Hopefully one day you realize that its OK that not everyone falls in love with your charm and blue eyes.
You have decided this past month that you would like to cry. Which is OK by me, you can cry whenever you want, but do it in your room where I don't have to listen to it. Sometimes I send you to the stairs so that you can cry and whine and get over it. When you do get over it you walk back over to me and declare that you are done crying. Sometimes you just need a good whine and cry, I get that. Soon enough you will learn that those moments are best taken while in the shower. But until then, you just will walk into your room, crawl up in your chair, cry out the injustices of the world and get over it. In the most dramatic fashion of course.
I'm not sure how you became so considerate of everyone else, but I really like it. You will tell me when you wake up in the morning "Thank you for the good night sleep Mom". I really love it when I pick you up from pretty school and you tell me "Thank you so much for letting me go to pretty school. It was so fun. And Mom, Thank you for ALWAYS coming back." Every day when I pick you up, you tell me that. You tell me thank you for taking you there, and you thank me for coming back. It is so fantastic. You also remember where people have been and ask about their day. Aunt Colly will come and go, in and out, and every time you see her, you ask her how her previous activity was. You genuinely want to know how school was, or how work was, or the mule ride or golf. You pay attention to everyone and their own activities. Including where Grandpa Trace is traveling to, or how Grandma Deb's paintings are coming along. You have a memory like no other child.
June Bug, you and your sister are what matter in this whole mess of a world and I'm so grateful to have you keeping me on my toes. Thank you for exhausting me every single day. I hope we can still be the best of friends forever. I sure do love you pieces.

Love Love


  1. she is adorable tehmi! soo cute!

  2. she is such a mini-tehmi. i love it!