Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Month Ten

Dear Stella,

You are ten months old today and we have had a whirl wind getting here. I can’t believe the past month how much you have grown, physically and developmentally. You started crawling about a month ago and you were only interesting in that for about 3 minutes, maybe 4. You immediately started crawling over to things to stand up and walk along. You can imagine the rearranging our home needed after you started that. You don’t really walk though, you run. I wish that I was exaggerating about this fact but I am not. You will take a death grip upon my index finger and take off. I can barely keep up with you bent over like that. This new adventure of walking has led to some serious tumbles. I was folding the laundry last week and you were in your crib supposed to be sleeping. Well I heard you crying, not just a “please come and get me know cry”. Not even a “Come and get me NOW DAMMIT cry”. This was a “SHIT THAT HURTS CRY” I ran up the stairs, tripped over the baby gate, opened your door and you weren’t there. You weren’t standing up at your crib screaming for me. My heart sank to the bottom of my intestines. I take a closer look and there you are off the edge, in the toy basket behind your rocking chair. Oh my Stella the bump on your head is still there. I have a feeling it is going to be the first of many bumps.

You are clearly in love with your father. The moment he walks around the corner your whole body tenses up and you flap your arms around like you are going to fly. You will do whatever you can to get to him, and when he leaves you follow him to the door. It makes me smile so much. I love that you are his little girl.

You are a busy little girl, in fact you are out of control. Your father and I have realized that we are pretty much screwed. You are going break us of pure exhaustion. You are the happiest baby we can find, but the most wiggly. You don’t really cry unless your hungry and you usually just giggle. You are in drawers, climbing stairs, rolling around under furniture, you shake your head no at me, you yell for DaDa, and whisper mama.

You are such a light in our home, you bring us together. There isn’t a single person that doesn’t see you who doesn’t smile and want to play with you.

Love Love

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