Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pool Side

I had big dreams of laying poolside all summer long, but well, reality came crashing down and I realized that its not so convenient to spend my hours laying next to a pool while the 2 year old wants to jump in and out and the baby doesn't feel like sleeping. So we have only been a few times for short amounts of time. With the family on the annual pack trip to Wyoming I had no one to play with over the weekend. I can always come up with dinner plans and early bed times, but sometimes daily fun activities that out weigh the stress of doing it with 2 kids by myself are hard to come by. But we decided we could do the pool this weekend, I mean it was the 24th of July! So we rallied Krista and Lindsay to join us and it was heaven sent. We got there early and snagged lounge chairs closest to the kiddy area and Stella promptly entered the pool, she didn't leave except to have to go the bathroom 17 times until the early evening. She was a dream child! Her floaty swimming suit was ideal and with some ground rules set about going down the steps to the big pool were set, she only broke them once towards the end of the day. It was one of those days everyone needed; great friends, good sunshine, smiling children, and a tan. Plus Ruby made her grand entrance to the pool for the first time this season.

Love Love

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