Monday, August 9, 2010


The fair was here and its always the biggest thing around this town during the summer time. Unfortunately the current battle between me and Stella, along with a few time constraints we didn't get to a lot of it. But my Mom did take Stella and Finley to the carnival, and they had a blast. They are starting to get a long and it's so much more fun now that they are. Ok, so the picture doesn't really show them getting along, but I promise they are. (Also, photo taken from Deb's phone.)
Because they were at the fair with their grandmother, Stella came home with a goldfish. She named him Billy. She carried him around in a little container for a day or two, and when I finally went to take a picture of him, he had died. Stella wanted to take him to the doctor to see why he wasn't swimming and was instead floating. Poor Billy. I'm just sad I failed to document Billy the fish.

Love Love

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