Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Barn

 We ran away this weekend to help Deb recuperate. We ran away to the newest addition in the runaway spots. The Barn. Deb and Trace built a barn in Bondurant WY and I am in love. Its about 30 miles south of Jackson WY and Stella has insisted that she stay in there forever. Like really, tantrums when I told her we had to go home, and the last time she begged to stay I almost took her up on it. My dear mother has been working so diligently all summer to make sure the barn was built for a Labor Day weekend soiree. Then she fell asleep and we sort of attempted to put it all together where she left off. It is amazing that the country is so gorgeous there, it is nothing like most of Wyoming and is completely refreshing when you drive through the flat to see the pockets of gold bursting out of the hillsides in the valley.
It was the opening of the deer hunt and I really adore deer hunting this way. Fabulous company, a kitchen to bake in and rocks for Stella to throw. As we sat around the table, I realized how much I love my family. My dad was hunting other things back home and was sorely missed. But as we sat around telling stories and laughing all night long, I am so grateful they are my family. Grateful that they let me go away for a little while but more grateful they took me back with open arms and a slight smack upside the head. They make me laugh and make me cry and scare me with the thought of what would happen if I brought someone home to our chaos. The spouses are amazing additions to the chaos and only prove that there is hope that someone can handle our quirks. I'm excited to spend more weekends hiding in Bondurant with the entire family.
Love Love


  1. epI may have smacked you a little harder than necessary, but we are glad you are back now!

  2. What a cool place to have! I hope your mom is feeling better and they have more of an idea on how to treat it.