Monday, September 6, 2010

A budding artist

I finally felt ambitious enough to let Stella finger paint. Grandma Deb had given her an art easel equipped with finger paints for Christmas. I have never felt like I could let her let loose with buckets of paints. But this last week she was so good at being a good girl, (meaning she got to put a magnet on all the spots on her "Good Girl" chart) that we decided a little creativity was in order. I laid out all the paper and paints and let her go loose. I stood around with a camera in continuous motion, I think the end result would make Grandma Deb so proud. All the finished projects now hang on the fridge with pride, and if your lucky she will give you one to take home. Be sure to keep it, because one day it might be worth something.

1 comment :

  1. So cute...what kind of camera do you have. Your pictures are always awesome...I'm thinking about getting a nice camera but can't decide which one?