Sunday, September 26, 2010

A little Pot Pie

I have this thing for pie. I really really love to bake it. In all forms, quiche to custard, I just love to make pie! The fresh crisp air has inspired all sorts of pie to come out my kitchen in the last weeks, but this little pot pie might be my favorite. Trace has been hunting up a storm and unfortunately my poor mother is still, well sleeping. This has left my dad to fend for himself, especially when I'm not there. I decided that instead of supplying a can of chili and crackers like the grocery list requested, I would make him pie. Chicken Pot Pie to be exact. Let me tell you a little secret, Trace loves chicken pot pie. Probably because he happens to fall in love with things that take the maximum amount of effort you are willing to put into them, cough, Lemon on a Cloud. I was scrambling around looking for mini pie tins so he could realistically take it to Tabiona when I decided that a Pot Pie turnover would suffice just nicely. Plus he could carry in his pocket in case he got extra hungry. He didn't get that hungry, but he did appropriately thank me with oo's and ahh's for saving him from a can another can of chili.

Love Love


  1. A pot pie turnover! Brilliant! I will definitely be doing this, what a great idea:)

  2. Want to move in with me and cook for me all the time? Our kids would love to play together! These look amazing!