Monday, September 13, 2010

Tooth Fairy

When I discovered Stella had a tooth, my grandma had to point it out to me. I was oblivious that there even could be one there. The term "teething" seemed like an excuse you use for a fussy baby. Stella grew teeth like it was no big deal. She would get a runny nose, and run a slight fever then BAM a tooth would appear on the one day she would wake up in the middle of the night.
Clearly I have been misguided as to what real teething is like. I would like to personally thank Ruby for teaching me the real meaning of the word and that its accurate definition should be "Teething: Several weeks and months of HELL." Good grief its been a rough go. This baby girl has been crying all night long, and running a fever for weeks it feels like. She doesn't want to eat or drink a bottle. She scoots around sucking her bottom lip going "MMMMMMMMMM". She has been exploding through layers of clothing day in and out. Poor thing wants to be held all the time and scream at me. She doesn't cry or whine. She screams. LOUD. Like a real deal scream, AHHHHHH. It is terribly sad and extremely frustrating. We are going through baby Tylenol like you wouldn't believe. Every morning for the last month I have woken up and rushed into her room and shoved my fingers in her mouth in hopes that teeth cut through, secretly wishing they all would break through in one evening and we'd be over it. Nothing. Every morning just sore swollen gums. I'm not sure who is more miserable, Ruby or me.
Then it happened. I stuck my finger in her mouth and BAM, it was there! She got her first tooth! Now my happy baby has returned for a fleeting moment until she starts working on the next ones. If they are all going to be like this first one, I am in for it. For the moment though we will just enjoy her happy smiles!
Love Love

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  1. gosh i've never seen a cuter baby (and i'm including my own in that).