Saturday, October 30, 2010

Month 9

Ruby Ruby,
Oh my goodness little girl, you are growing up so fast. How can you be 9 months old already? This month I feel like you have grown so much. Early in the month you were very very clingy, and would only spend time with me. With Grandma Deb not babysitting, and going back and forth to your Dads you want me to hold you a lot. Where as I enjoy that so much, it's probably not best in the long run. So to remedy that situation you joined your sister at "pretty school". I thought you would be concerned with my absence, but well you were so excited to be with your sister that you didn't even seem to care.
This last month you have started to stand on your own a little bit and you are an expert of going up and down the stairs. I have to put a gate at the top of the stairs and the bottom of the stairs. If I am in the kitchen you are climbing the stairs. If I am upstairs you are standing at the top of the stairs screaming to crawl down them. Even though you can go up and down on your own, it makes me to nervous to just let you at it.

You are really great at communicating that you want something. You just continue to bark for it. Like really loud, over and over again until I have guessed just exactly what you want. It actually is quite funny to watch, because your whole body tightens up and clench your fists and scream at me. Just as I would expect, you are just as noisy as the rest of us. You have become a busy busy baby. You don't sit on a lap very well anymore. You have started to become you sister and not so much my little sweet calm baby that just oos and smiles at me. Its a good thing that I love Stella I suppose. More or less this household has become even more out of control, if you can even imagine.
I love you miss Ruby Red Dress. You are just so much fun to have around!!
Love Love

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