Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Month Thirty Six

Stella June Bug,
Today you are thirty-six months old. Really. Can you believe that? You are officially a three year old as of 11:40 am today, November 10. You arrived with an intensity that has never wavered. I look at you now, and I can't help but smile. You are so smart, so full of energy and excitement for whatever the world brings you. It has been a crazy year and you have excelled farther than anybody could have imagined. You are social and adore people. You are in love with your sister, and you promise when you leave to see your dad for the weekend that you will always come back to me. I hope through out your life you always come back to me. You are my favorite friend.
There are no words to say that will do any justice to how happy you make me. You are out of control in the most adorable ways and exhaust me beyond whits end, but I wouldn't change one single thing. You are my Stella June Bug.

I love you June.

Love Love

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