Friday, October 21, 2011

The Weekend...

This last weekend we spent it with Kevin's family! Bryan, Nikki, and Piper were all in town to play and it was really fun! They moved to Denver a few days after we got married, so we haven't all been  together since then. The boys played golf all morning, where it wasn't the most efficient event, Kevin came home grinning. We took family pictures and hung out all evening playing basketball and chasing little kids around. Stella reunited with her new favorite person, Nikki. Nikki was nice enough to let Stella take some photos with her camera. I think she took a few hundred. On Sunday, well we did the same thing. Hung out with each other, chased the kids around, ate a lot of really good food and only a few little kids cried. Always a great time when you get to hang out with your family, with no real agenda, just enjoying each other. Plus it was a great excuse to bake away my Saturday...

Just a sneak peak of the family photo... Don't they all look so happy to be there? 

 Stella loved playing with Piper, she is pretty freaking cute. You just can't stop squeezing her.

The kids spent most of the evening both nights being thrown in the air in some way, whether in a blanket or twirled around. I'm not sure about the rest of the kids, but I know ours slept great both nights.
Thanks Brimhall's for the great weekend, it really was so fun!
love love

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  1. I am her favorite person :) And it was more like 300 photos...