Friday, November 4, 2011

I know RIGHT?

I know Dad. I know. I am failing at this blog. It is sad.  How did things get to busy for me to blog? I think it really stems from the lack of photos. I hate a blog post without any photos. But sometimes they just have to happen. So in order to play this game of catch up, I am resorting to the bullet point list. 
  •   how is it already november 4? seriously? 
  •   we finally use facetime. we try to call aunt colly once a week. 
  •   we miss them. especially on fridays as we are getting ice cream at the dairy keen.
  •   ruby has become moody and grumpy, but then she is giggling. 
  •   i fear her teenage years.
  •   we went trick or treating to novell and kevin couldn't stop grinning. he was so excited to show off his girls. 
  •   who wouldn't be excited to show mary poppins and the cupcake off?
  •   we hired a cute uvu student to watch the girls 3 days a week at our house.
  •   she is amazing.
  •   work is becoming stressful. like there is a ticking time bomb around the season beginning.
  •   i have been rebuilding computers. there are computer pieces everywhere.
  •   kevin has been really busy at work; end of the quarter and the fiscal year. 
  •   deb taught me very well how to have a salesmen for a husband. she's the best corporate wife i know.
  •   stella loves school. she is learning how to write her letters.
  •   we have invested the $9.99 into a popcorn maker. the girls love it. so do i.
  •   kevin's office has no candy, treats, post its, pens, scratch paper, photos or speakers. boring.
  •   ruby dumped the entire bag of pretzels out and stella scolded kevin for leaving them out.
  •   we have finally got tv. 
  •   we have 200 channels and the only one anyone watches is pbs. i'm not sure why we have tv.
  •   i'm thinking of getting stella a fish for her birthday, she will probably name it sparkles.
  •   kevin was called to be the sunday school president. ha. ha. ha. 
  •   i think he thinks i will be attending sunday school now. baha. 
  •   stella was in the primary program last sunday. she knew her part perfectly. it was adorable. 
  •   my parents came to watch, but we couldn't see anything because we were in our usual back     corner seats corralling the children. 
  •   that went over well with trace, as you can imagine.
  •   ash was in town and i was reminded how much i miss her face.
  •   we are finally over the awful virus that is going around. our house was contaminated for weeks.
  •   kevin isn't used to little kid germs yet, so he was sick the longest.
  •   we no longer have blackberry phones at our house! i've converted kevin!
  •   i went blind writing code for my ipad solution at work. so now i have glasses. my head never felt so good. seriously.
  •   stella gets mad at this boy, tristan, at school. he isn't obedient and it bugs her.
  •   she is totally the class hall monitor. she is going to write tickets to those who run in the halls.
  •   siri refuses to say my name. so i told her my name gwen. who doesn't want to be a gwen?
  •   ruby crawled underneath the car. that is an entirely different post.
  •   kev informed me that we are going to a black tie event tonight, last night. 
  •   he's known since monday. 
  •   party foul. but i love him anyway
  •   i think he forgot to tell me so i couldn't use the excuse to buy a new dress.
  •   i'm really excited for daylights savings this week. usually we have the girls so it doesn't matter that you can fall back to sleep. not this year. i will be snuggled in like a teenager.
  •   i bought a pair of legging jeans. ok fine, jeggings. they are amazing. 
  •   i keep a bowl of toostie rolls on my desk at work. bad idea. i have unwanted visitors all day. 
  •   since we had a boy move into our house full of girls, we don't have dance parties anymore.
  •   rude right?
  •   i am really enjoying and you should too, since its the only version of photos i'm posting today.

  love love



  2. i could comment on every one of your bullet points...but all i can really think of are the tootsie rolls on your desk. why aren't we neighbors?? move here. love love