Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Wednesday Ramble

  • I woke up at 4:17am this morning with the most terrible dream. My diamond had fallen out of my ring and the prongs were all smashed. It was lost forever and I couldn't go back to sleep.
  • But while I was flopping around like a fish, I was finally able to clear the creative block on decorating the babies room. I've got it all planned out, now if my budget will just stretch.
  • Kevin mumbles in his sleep. Oh the things I am learning at 4 in the morning!
  • Stella got herself dressed this morning, and seriously I was proud of the ridiculous outfit she put together.
  • I've had 3 people text me this morning asking about the iPhone announcement. I am a total nerd. 
  • I followed the iPhone 5 announcement like a total nerd. Faster! Smaller! Better Camera!!
  • I was late getting Stella from school because I lost track of time listening to Tim Cook.
  • We had to go to the store yesterday for Lucky Charms and Diet Coke. How we could be out of those two staples at the same time? I'm surprised we made it to the store functioning at all.
  • I see the doctor every other week now, and this baby is still giant. 
  • It's only 10:30 in the morning and we have had 3 dance parties to Taylor Swift's "Like Never Ever" song. 
  • Did you guys feel that fall was here yesterday? It was chilly! I made chicken pot pie in honor of the brisk day. 
  • I've been using messages on my new mac. Which means I type text messages to that darling husband of mine all day and he has to actually text replies in return. Ha. You should see the novels I write just to aggravate him as he tries to respond. By 4pm he stops responding. 
  • Stella says she likes her new friend David at school more than Wyatt. Oh jeeze...
  • and It's Grandma Jan's birthday today! Happy Birthday! (facebook didn't even tell me that!)Photobucket
Stay tuned for more rambling about nothing... It's what I do best.
love love


  1. your girl has some killer eyes. wow. :)

  2. I feel like I just talked to you on the phone. ...well, sort of. I miss you