Thursday, October 25, 2012

a baby boy's room

A baby boy's room... This was a hard project for me to wrap my mind around. I couldn't see what I wanted, the vision was always blurry. I didn't obsess or stress about it. I just left it alone, sent it to the back of my mind to work it's self out. It did. Amazing what happens when you let things settle, they just work out. I should remember that. And Kevin just let me stew about it. Can I just say that husband of mine is really good at just trusting me, he has the perfect amount of opinions on decorating. Not to many, and the ones he has aren't that strong. Works out so perfectly. 
That being said, I fell in love with the bedding and I waited, waited, and waited for it to arrive. The entire room was on hold so I could focus the entire room around it. Call it my focal point if you will. It was worth the wait. It is the softest, most fantastic fabric I have ever seen. It was worth every email saying it was backordered another month. 

Then I found this fantastic iron bike on Etsy. Can we just talk about the greatness of Etsy? Love it. I was hoping it was bigger, but actually think it works out nicely. Every little boy needs a bicycle right?

I have never had a changing pad before, but I've never really cared since I'm a floor sitter. Kevin isn't a floor sitter. And he is a giant and thinks the floor is dirty. So he asked for a changing table, and I obliged. I mean he will be changing some diapers.
The shelf above the dresser is probably 25 years old and I stole it from my Mom's basement. She won't notice, I painted it. I will continue to tinker with that shelf; adding items, removing items and shifting everything. It's what I do. 
Then there is this red rocking chair. For the record I have used it in all the girls rooms and now this little boys and I always stare at it and think "Really? How am I going to decorate another bedroom with this red chair." I thought about getting a new one, but after the bedding arrived and things started to fall into place I decided that I really like that red chair. A little color goes a long way. Plus I could buy new shoes instead of another rocking chair. And a giant crocheted ball to assist in the rocking is my favorite thing. 

And a little boy's room should always have a map in it. Why? In case he wants to be a pirate or a sailor or whatever people use maps for. Thank you Etsy for providing a plethora of map options. Just remember to not ship it parcel post, 3 weeks is way to long to have to wait. 
The best part about this little nursery of ours is that every few days, Kevin walks past it and makes a comment about how much he loves it. And I love it too. I find myself sitting in there, hiding from the children, crocheting little hats and feeling the warmth of the sunshine come in. I can't wait to show it to this baby boy. 

love love


  1. So adorable, Tehmi! This is my first visit to your blog.. I couldn't resist a baby boy room and it is awesome!

  2. It all looks so amazing, well done once again :)

  3. I LOVE the big blue stripe on the wall. And, yes, every little boy's room should have a map! I love it all! I'm so excited for you to have that little guy! My great grandma always said, "there is nothing in the world like a baby boy." I tend to agree.