Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Just another day

Last Saturday, we woke up to Ruby on a roll, and we spent the day laughing at her rambles...

(Ruby while in the bathroom)-
"Dad you hear that? You hear that pee now?"

Me: "Ruby you want breakfast?"
"No, I being supermaaaaaan"

"Stella, your hair looks horrible, it's too crazy"

"Mom, you can't buckle me in! I be stuck fooor-eveeer!!"

Stella: "you just want all the cake for yourself" (very indigent sounding)
Ruby:  "Yep. I. DOOOO."

"Guys, I told you three times.  Be quiet."

Stella: "Mom, Dad I love learning about Jesus" (again very indigent sounding)
Ruby: "I love hotdogs"


There is never a dull moment around our house. Never.

love love

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