Friday, January 4, 2013

Mystery Dinner

I'm not sure how long my mom had been planning the ultimate feats of strength for after Christmas but it was time well spent. We were all invited to the mystery dinner and all of had no idea what she had in store. 9 different events: Jart Toss, (we decided that a Jarts are a jumbo dart) Milk Bottles, Pool, Velcro Darts, Ring Toss, Bean Bags, Nerf Archery, Football Toss, and a Car Race.
These are a lot trickier than you think.

The final scoreboard...

Henry was very supportive

 Those milk bottles... Rigged.

I hit that bottle twice! And it wobbled twice, and didn't fall over!! ROBBED.

Surprisingly, the girls were the best cheerleaders.


I'm no pool shark.

Even with all the prep work, Deb hadn't mastered the events...

Kevin has excellent form for the ring toss.

The grumpa face!

Congratulations TJ on winning the first annual event! Well done!!!

Luckily I have an entire year to work on my skills. 7th place is pretty sad...

love love

Also did you notice that I got a new camera lens for Christmas? Excuse the flood of photos...


  1. That ring toss form is amazing. What great follow through. Maybe that's one reason I'm terrible at ring toss, and golf, and home teaching.

  2. Dreamboat??? More like Titanic....

  3. Dreamboat??? More Like Titanic!!!!