Wednesday, March 13, 2013

fresh air

The winter is giving up and the sunshine is peeking in. There are blossoms on our one lone tree and all the snow melted from the trampoline. The girls have spent every waking moment bouncing around. I found them yesterday propping their chairs up underneath it for shade with their books and blankets. I promptly brought their tents out and they snuggled with their noses peeking out of them for a good hour. They come inside with dirty feet and smelly like little wet puppies. The official smell of springtime. Nap time has been pushed an hour later but I'm not sure if that's because of the sunshine or the time change. I usually love the time change, it's light at night! Kevin comes home and there is still hours of daylight left. Hours to play outside, to snuggle, to talk about the day. But this year, I'm pretty sleepy. I'm giving it two more days before I officially complain about it.

I thought we were going to sneak through the winter months unscathed, untouched from the germs and viruses that were running rapid through our circles. Especially with that little baby of ours. Just as the sun starts to shine we got it. Henry mostly. The girls had terrible colds; runny noses and that cough that is lingering for way to many days. Henry's cold ventured straight to his lungs where he attempts to cough up his toes. His whole body shakes and trembles and his face turns red. All you can do hold his sad quivering body. Then that sneaky virus moved to his eyeballs, resulting in pink eye and this house has never seen so much hand sanitizer in its days. Considering he has a bronchial infection, shots and a raging case of pink eye, he is all smiles. That's how happy that kid is.

It's amazing how happy a warm sunny day make me. I spend most of my spare thoughts feeling nothing but gratitude and loves towards this little ball of chaos that is mine. As much as I love being curled up next to the fire with a cup of cocoa and snowflakes falling; me and sunshine, we are about to begin our grand affair.

love love

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  1. I got a sunburn today, it was marvelous!