Thursday, August 29, 2013

Day 1

Kevin told me I was officially a grown up today, because we have a kindergartener. Apparently, an ex-husband, a new husband, three children and a ten year high school reunion doesn't make me a grown up, kindergarten does. Who knew.
Miss Stella June was beyond excited for her first day of school. She wasn't an ounce of nervous, just giggly with excitement.

This is what she had to stay about her first day:

How was your first day of school??
S: It didn't start out so great, but ended up great!

Why didn't it start out so well?
S: Because I got lost. I went to first grade, then to the wrong kindergarten and FINALLY to the right kindergarten class.

Were you nervous?
S: I was after I got lost. But once I saw Ms. Mahoney I was better.

What was your favorite part?
S: My favorite part was learning about spanish. I really liked my teachers, but I didn't know anyone in my class. But I get to sit at the YELLOW table. 

Did you like it?
S: SO MUCH! I can't wait to go back tomorrow, especially on the school bus!!

There you have it. She gave me a play by play for the whole day, and all in all, it's pretty fantastic to be her mom. She is so excitable, so happy and eager for new things. I can't wait to watch her grow this year. 

and I sort of now feel like a grown up.

love love

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