Sunday, January 26, 2014

We played hooky.

I'm a big fan of the winter. Huge fan. All that glorious fluffy snow! I can hike up it and ski down the back country on it; or  I can rip down the corduroy of Deer Valley with a lovely lunch in between runs. I can cross country ski on it with my mother in the mornings instead of a casual run around the track. We can snowmobile on it, snowshoe it, shovel it, or just snuggle instead and watch it fall. Oh the snow, its just so magical, it makes all the months of winter completely blissful.
Um, did the snow miss the memo this year? Did someone forget to tell mother nature about the calendar? I do not enjoy the winter without the snow. I think it's stupid, and cold and I have to wear warm layers to just protect me from the air, instead of the snow. And let's be honest, that's a different kind of wardrobe. Winter is no fun without the snow. It's gross looking and boring.
So this last week we boycotted this blasted, strange winter and went to St. George. The sun is shining there and it was warm. No socks necessary. Boom.
We packed the car full of every possible item to keep us entertained outside, and completely ditched kindergarten. Kindergarten isn't mandatory right?
Gram and Gramps kept us highly entertained and extremely well fed. Seriously. Like the kids bellies are still full and they are still napping in recovery. Best runaway ever!
At least Ruby thinks so...
And PS- St. George's new children's museum is pretty amazing.

I had to drag everyone out of the museum... They had all forgotten what it felt like to be hungry, except me. I was hungry. And the quota on being inside had been filled. It was warm outside and we were going to enjoy it. dammit.

love love

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