Saturday, May 10, 2008

Month Six

You are 6 months old today! Yay! Your father and I haven’t broken you yet! We have survived the first 6 months of your life and it seems like you are the happiest baby ever! Even though your dad left you on the bed today and you rolled off and he found you screaming on the ground; you still giggled at him later that night. I would have been super mad for a long time. But already you are better than me, which is really what us parents hope for. You are not really interested in crawling these days, but I am not pushing you farther than you want to go. Some people say that I should be letting you scream and scream until you wind up just getting really angry and go off and start crawling. My stance on the situation is that I am not pushing you onto to things you are not ready for. When you want to crawl you will. This is the claim I am going to continue to make even when you can’t read because you didn’t develop the motor skills when you crawled. But really, I just love the fact that when I put you down on the middle of the floor you actually remain there when I return. I shouldn’t be so selfish, but well, I like to know that when I have to pee and I put you down in the middle of the kitchen floor with a dish towel that when I am done you will still be there. Call me crazy.

Stella, you are truly the my favorite. The greatest thing to happen to me has been you. I look forward to more moments when you are siting on my lap staring at your dad and the next thing I know you are staring straight up at me; In such an awkward position that I wonder if your neck is still attached. Those moments are the reason why women continue to have children, they cause you to forget about swollen feet, 36 hours of delivery and the insane pain of lactating.

I love you Stella.

Love Love

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